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A Pet-Friendly Holiday

Are you taking your pet with you on holiday? See here for some important things to take into consideration, along with helpful activity ideas and the locations we recommend...

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Taking Your Pet Abroad

There are several steps you MUST follow before taking your dog or cat out of the country. Is your pet microchipped and up to date with their vaccines? 'Great! Let's begin...'

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R.A.W 2018: Ditch That Muesli!

It's Rabbit Awareness Week and this year, the focus is diet! Did you know that muesli is very bad for rabbits? We discuss the ins and outs of rabbits' dietary requirements...

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High Blood Pressure in Pets

High blood pressure is more common in cats and dogs than you might think. It often doesn't leave many clear symptoms, so we take a look at how best to keep an eye on your pet...

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Handling the Hot Weather

Did you know that pets can get sunburnt too? From changing your walks to visiting your groomer, we've laid out some tips for keeping your pets cool during the hot weather...

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Veterinary Nursing Awareness

Nurse. Helper. Carer. Educator. Clinic Leader. Cleaner. Friend. It's time to reflect upon the wonderful work of veterinary nurses, it's Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month...

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National Pet Month

It's time to celebrate our pets and all of the joy they bring to our lives! In honour of National Pet Month, we discuss what it means to be a responsible pet owner...

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Spring Tips

Whether you're cleaning, kicking back in the garden or heading out for a walk, we know what to watch out for this spring in order to keep your pets safe and healthy...

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Your Rabbits' Lifestyle

Many pet rabbits in the UK live without their essential freedoms. To raise awareness, and in celebration of Easter, we take a look at providing rabbits with the best care...

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Chocolate is Poisonous

We're afraid the rumours are true: chocolate is very bad for cats and dogs. We take a look at the science behind chocolate poisoning and what to do if you're worried...

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My Family Vets vs. Puppy Farms

Dogs Trust say demand for puppies is 800,000 a year. The UK GOV estimates 560,000 are registered properly. This leaves 240,000 who could be coming from anywhere...

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Staying Safe in the Snow

Snow: beautiful to look at, but not the most comfortable for little paws when they're out walking. Click below to read our top tips for keeping your pets cosy in the cold...

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